The problem

If you are a small business owner, then you might relate to this: “I am great at what I do. Nobody else can offer this service/product better than me, yet I have a hard time getting and keeping customers”.
Well, that is because knowing your craft and knowing how to promote it, require a different set of skills. You are the guy who has the craft. I’m the guy who knows how to promote it.

The solution

The following process is simply what I do. It can either be seen as a complete 8-step process, or as eight distinct services that help you achieve specific marketing goals, according to your needs.

My Process

  • Auditing

    Everything starts with looking at your current assets and performance to understand where exactly you need help. Depending on the results, you’ve got quite a few options:

  • Positioning

    Marketing is all about positioning. In order to position yourself against the competition you have to build the right “message” for your ideal client. Understand who he is, what his needs are and just let your message be about exactly that. I help you do that.

  • Strategy Consulting

    When you have a clear identity and know where you stand in the market, it’s time to build an online marketing strategy and an action plan to implement it.

  • Social Media management

    People nowadays find you through Social Media. However, the competition is fierce and having a consistent social presence is a must if you want to “play” seriously. Do you have a social media strategy? Do you manage all your accounts effectively? I know… It can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

  • Website traffic

    Unless you are a top player in your niche, you will struggle getting traffic to your website. Let’s say it’s good having a guy who knows how to find the right people and introduce them to your products, at the right time, at a low cost. Advertise through Facebook and Google and control your traffic…

  • Lead generation

    The marketing channel with the highest return on investment is email. Before engaging in email communication with your prospects, you first have to obtain their email addresses. There is a number of ways of doing that.

  • Email Marketing automations

    Sending promotional emails is not Email Marketing. Knowing who your customers are, what each of them needs, and speaking to them in a personalized manner, is. Email Marketing is building long lasting relationships with your customers. And (spoiler alert!) this starts with giving them real value.

  • Sales funnels

    Take your prospects on a journey through a custom made landing page sequence and make it easy for them to buy your product.

My services

This is what I can do for you. You can click each service to learn more about it. 😎

Also... Nice colors, huh?

marketing consulting

Growth Strategy Consulting

I help you analyze your market, define your KPIs and deliver an effective message to the right audience.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

I help you find  the best keywords and rank better in Google's search results, using the most recent SEO tactics and strategies.

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PPC advertising

PPC Advertising

I help you effectively promote your content, using advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google Ads

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Sales funnels

B2B Prospecting & Outreach

I help you find targeted business leads  and approach them in bulk using the right platform.

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email marketing

E-mail Marketing & Automation

I help you get 1-on-1 with your customers through their inbox, using advanced email marketing tools and strategies.

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Landing Page Design & CRO

I  help you design beautiful Landing Pages, that enhance user experience, deliver your message effectively and increase conversions.

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Optimize processes for maximum ROI

All the previous steps work towards maximizing your Return On Investment by constantly optimizing the conversion process of your prospects.