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Grow your ecommerce store sustainably, with advanced ActiveCampaign automations

Hi. I am Nontas. Your ActiveCampaign Consultant. I am here to do one thing: Help you increase the value of your ecommerce store. I do that by building Marketing Automation systems that increases the only 3 metrics that matter in ecommerce:
  • Incoming customers (C)
  • Frequency of purchase (F)
  • Average order value (AOV)
For that, I use ActiveCampaign, which is arguably the most flexible and advanced Marketing Automation tool out there. That’s about it. I’ll be happy to work with you.
Nontas Karavias - ActiveCampaign Consultant

ActiveCampaign Audit & Migration

Migrate from another platform safely, or audit your current ActiveCampaign account to find weak spots. A good way to start working together.

Custom Automations

Wanna build something specific with ActiveCampaign but you don’t have the technical expertise? I’ll build any automation you need.

Monthly ActiveCampaign Management

To get the most out of ActiveCampaign you’ll have to create and implement an automation strategy over time. You’ll need a consultant for that.

1-on-1 ActiveCampaign Training

Have a great in-house team or wanna use ActiveCampaign yourself? I provide tailor-made training for your specific needs.

Consulting Services

You're paying it at its full price.
Use it at its full capacity.

About 95% of the ActiveCampaign accounts I’ve worked on are either underutilised or hands down chaotic.  In most cases that’s a sign of:

  • lack of marketing strategy
  • lack of technical expertise
  • lack of a methodical approach

With my help, you’ll be on that 5%

My Big Promise

I am NOT promising that you'll “10x your sales in 30 days"

I am NOT promising that I'll "make you No1. in your market in an instant"

I am NOT promising that I'll "transform your brand by myself"

But I PROMISE to create a solid marketing automation system that brings in more sales.​

Who I’m working with

Let's do this together.

  • Growing Woocommerce and Shopify stores with >10,000 monthly traffic.
  • Teams with growth mentality, who are willing to put in the work for solid results
who i am working with

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95% of the store owners out there don’t know that these things even exist. Now you do.