Why ActiveCampaign?

My slightly biased 🤷 ActiveCampaign review

👍 TL;DR: It’s good and I like it 👍

This is the part of the website where I convince you why ActiveCampaign is the best Marketing Automation tool out there. Well, it is not. There is no “best marketing automation tool” for everyone. However, ActiveCampaign strips out the fluff and manages to tick the most “boxes” for a Marketing Automation tool – with a BANG – and at a really competitive price.

This is why I work with ActiveCampaign

You Can Do Anything With ActiveCampaign

I’ve worked with more than 70 ActiveCampaign accounts and I have yet to find a case where I couldn’t do what I wanted. The level of sophistication and depth is impressive throughout the platform, even at the cheapest plan. Just imagine how your email campaigns should work like, plan it and ActiveCampaign’s features will never be a hurdle in setting them up.

Countless Integrations

Marketing Automation softwares do not run in silos. Sooner or later you’ll want to connect ActiveCampaign to another tool. Having 320+ native integrations with 3rd party software means that you’ll very rarely need to engage external developers to connect apps. It’s all being done easily within the interface of ActiveCampaign.

Advanced Ecommerce Features

ActiveCampaign was not the go-to software for ecommerce. That was until they launched their native deep-data integration with the biggest ecommerce platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce and Bigcommerce. With that, you are able to report on sales and transactions as well as trigger create advanced automations using transactional data.

Built-in CRM

ActiveCampaign comes with its own native CRM solution, that works flawlessly with its advanced automations. Although it’s not its most advanced feature (standalone CRMs can be much more sophisticated) , ActiveCampaign’s CRM is a feature that not many Marketing Automation tools have. So it gets major points for that.

Best Deliverability In The Market

Having the best and most advanced tool in the market is really pointless if your emails are being delivered to your spam folder. Right? For years now, ActiveCampaign prides itself on having the best deliverability in the business. Yay!

List Management

Can I just give an A++ for this and go home? The number one thing a Marketing Automation tool should be able to do, is help you segment your email list in all kind of ways. ActiveCampaign excels at list management as it gives you the freedom to do that easily


Want to send broadcast emails to all your list every now and then to your big list? Then ActiveCampaign is expensive. There are cheaper tools to do such simple stuff. Want to build a system of sophisticated automations that will raise your business value? Then ActiveCampagn is pretty cheap.

Extra features

ActiveCampaign, like any other contemporary Marketing Automation tool, has its own list of extra features. Features like the Landing Page builder and the “Conversations” chat widget. Not really advanced but enough for someone who has low budget and would rather have everything under one platform.

ActiveCampaign is for you if...

If you are serious about marketing automation, ActiveCampaign is for you. It is the most comprehensive tool I have worked with when it comes to automation features. The reporting is solid in general, it has the best A/B-testing features of all tools available (you can basically split test whatever you like, including complete automations & funnels). This is very powerful.
If you need to integrate sales with marketing, ActiveCampaign is your best choice because of the built-in CRM, lead scoring functionality & sales automation features. You can create a visual pipeline with dealstages inside ActiveCampaign and build automations on top of it. ActiveCampaign also integrates with the major CRMs like Salesforce & Pipedrive.
It use to not be like this. But the deep-data integrations with WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce and Square has brought ActiveCampaign to a whole new level when it comes to ecommerce businesses. Big ecommerce shops can benefit big time from its sophisticated features and automation versatility.