Why this blog exists


Hi friend! As you can see… I have a brand new site, a brand new blog and a brand new post.

Well, actually… I have my first site, my first blog and my first post. Ever!


Yeah I know. So much for the “Digital Marketing Expert” title I’ve given myself, but well, what the heck…  Anyway, I wanted to explain why I started this blog:

You don’t know me

Being a rather introverted person, it was always hard for me to  express the real “Nontas”. Or better, to express another version of “Nontas”, the one that is not clearly visible when you start getting  to know me. It was always difficult to get myself to expose that “Nontas”, because… well, more of that in the future. So, already, if you know me personally, you might be saying to yourself reading this “Hey that doesn’t sound like Nontas”, or you might be thinking “God, did he really speak about himself in 3rd person five times in half a paragraph?”. I blame you for neither. You’ve got a point. Anyway, the thing is that I want to expose myself more, and this blog can help me do that. After all, it would be unfair to the world if I died tomorrow and they didn’t get the chance to see what Nontas is all about.

Or, better, what “I think” he’s all about.

…which brings me to the second reason for the existence of this blog, and this is the fact that… I really don’t know much about me.

I don’t know me

Let me briefly explain:

I have little idea of who I am. So little in fact, that it would have been really embarassing for me, had the rest of the 7 billion on this planet NOT been suffering from the exact same condition.

I have little idea of my own motivations. I have little idea of my own feelings. I have little idea of my insecurities and fears. I have little idea of 99.99999999% of cold hard facts that are occuring on this planet right now. I have little idea of what people think of me. I have little idea of what career is “right” for me. I have little idea of which political system will bring about peace, love and prosperity in the world.

I only have a perception of all the above. And that perception can be pretty deceptive and cause various dysfunctions in my life. So, acknowledging this ignorance is step 1.

Rhetoric question: If I don’t know where I am, then how can I know which way I should go?

Thus  said, this blog is ultimately an acknowlegement of this ignorance and a tool I will use to bridge the gap between my perception and reality. And that reality – I am hoping – will be my guide for all my future endeavors.

And last but not least…

Writing is creating

For a long time I felt the urge to write something. I didn’t know what. Just…something! For the sake of writing itself. For the creativity it evokes. Well, there you have it! I’ve got my first blog post MOTHAF***ERS!!! And I publicly commit to continue this project until I run out of creativity!

That’s all folks!

Feel free to write what you think about all these in the comments section below 🙂

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