There are two types of people in this world (?)

group of people

There are two types of persons in this world: The ones I consider are “like me”, and “the others”.

I will explain shortly who is who and why is that, but I wanted to say this first: Originally, when I decided to write about the topic, I imagined it to go like this: “Group A is like this. Group B is like that. I adhere to group A’s values because of reasons. So, I like group A and that is why I consider myself to belong there. I wish more people of group B would convert to group A, because the world would be better” or some pretentious shit like that.

What actually happened was this: I sat down and thought about an outline before I begun writing. And I thought about the subject. And I thought. I revisited my thoughts. Reassessed my views. By the time I was finished with the outline, I realized that my attitude towards the issue had changed. My original attitude was too arrogant and superficial. It was only a means to reassure my previously held beliefs and feel superior.

And it hit me: “Dayyyum! This blog works! It makes me thik about stuff and makes me a better person!”

Back to the subject… So, as I was saying… There are two kinds of people: The ones I consider are “like me”, and “the others”.

Group A:

These people are in general what I might call “conservative”. They value stability and safety. They have their own beliefs and rarely question them. They are almost naive in that sense. They are not so artistic. Not so creative. They believe in god, or just think they do. They are simple. They would rather watch “Friends” than watch “Arrested Development” to have a laugh. They have read “50 Shades Of Grey” if they are female and buy sports newspapers every day if they are male. They don’t have many interests. They are more “tourists” than “travellers”. They are “mainstream”. They will get married rather young, have children and live a stable life. They are polite. They talk about the weather and about what they did yesterday. They go to sleep early. They are rather boring.

The “extreme” version of this person, would be the stereotypical greek public servant. You know, the ones that sit behind the desk and tell you to go to the 4th floor to get that application because they are too busy playing solitaire and can’t bother doing their jobs… If you are not greek and do not get my point, it’s ok…It’s a stupid point anyway, as you’ll see later.

Group B

They are adventurous. They like risk-taking. They value novelty and intelligence. They are usually in search of something. They are agnostic in terms of God. They don’t follow religion. They are pretty smart. They like talking about ideas. They have self-awareness because they look inwards more often. They question everything. They watch a movie because they can somehow benefit from it, not just “to pass the time”.  They are creative and artistic. They are a bit vain and arrogant. They value freedom. If you ask them what music they like, their answer will be more elaborate than “I listen to everything”. Their humor is a bit edgy and their manners sometimes questionable. They travel to expand their mental capacity and not just to “unwind”. They have many interests. You always learn something new from them.

The extreme version of this would be … a hippie.

Where I stand

You see that one of the 2 groups is described in a more positive tone, so you could guess where I am putting myself.

Yep, that would be Group B.

The truth is, as I’ve been discovering myself more over the past years, I have felt more and more “superior” to Group A. I thought they were naive and ignorant. They have no self-awareness. They have let go of their lives because they think they are not the ones who control it. They are sheep. They are boring. They are going through life thinking they have all the answers, or worse, not even caring about discovering something new and stepping out of their super-safe bubble.

“My people”, on the other side, are interesting, adventurous, funny, have dreams, and the energy and passion to make them come true. They challenge themselves constantly. They are deeply interested in personal development. They are always looking for the opportunity to create and take things in the next level. That’s sexy. And I wish more and more people were like this in the world. As I said, “world would be a better place”.

But there’s the twist! Or rather… “twists”

Twist no.1

I just explained why Group B is “cooler” and “sexier” than Group A.

But here is another metric: “Happiness”. Let’s now judge our contestants by this metric instead of “coolness” or “sexiness”

Who is really happier?

My hunch says: the ones that have lower expectations. The ones that don’t search for something bigger. The ones that are ok with who they are, even if they are the lamest and stupidest person in the world. The ones that are convinced that god is here for them and will open the door to heaven if they go to church every Sunday. The ones that are convinced they are the good guy.  The ones that are ignorant of their ignorance. Group A.

They say “ignorance is bliss” for a reason.

So my question is … what would I rather be? “Cool” or “happy”? Hmm…

Twist no.2

Now… I know what you might be thinking: “But, Nontas, these 2 groups you described, do they actually exist? Isn’t this a big generalization and oversimplification?”

Well, my friend, I am happy to announce that you asked the right question! It’s one I have to answer, since, at this point I don’t even know in which group I belong. The answer to that question is the second twist!


There is no Group A. No Group B. Both are a construct of my imagination in an attempt to – i am guessing – define myself and feel somehow superior. And cool. And sexy.

Yup seriously, in case you “saw” yourself in one of these 2 groups, just snap out of it. It’s made up. Not real. Just forget it! There is only one group. All is one and one is all. I doubt even that one person exists with ALL these character traits I described.

The punchline

My final point and lesson learnt while writing this piece is that, it is ok to put labels on people and try to make a sense of yourself and the world like this. Putting labels is all what people do anyway. Ultimately, however, it is an unreliable tool, ideal mainly for mental masturbation. The challenge eventually for us is, first, to start telling the difference between reality and the labels we are putting. Second, whenever we put such a label, to use it wisely.  Using it to feel superior, for example, is not a good use.

Did any of this made any sense to you? Did you relate to any of these thoughts? Is it only me? I would like to hear your opinion…

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