Introverted marketer

On being an introverted marketer

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Marketing and introversion. These words don’t go together well, right? It is rather “Marketing vs Introversion”. Marketing is all about communicating, sharing, being open and inviting, being impulsive, maybe showing off a little bit. Introversion is more about being closed off, living inside your head, observing the world, being shy and timid and keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself. …

group of people

There are two types of people in this world (?)

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There are two types of persons in this world: The ones I consider are “like me”, and “the others”. I will explain shortly who is who and why is that, but I wanted to say this first: Originally, when I decided to write about the topic, I imagined it to go like this: “Group A is like this. Group B …

Why this blog exists

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Hi friend! As you can see… I have a brand new site, a brand new blog and a brand new post. Well, actually… I have my first site, my first blog and my first post. Ever! Hooray!!! Yeah I know. So much for the “Digital Marketing Expert” title I’ve given myself, but well, what the heck…  Anyway, I wanted to explain …